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LMA is since more than 40 years italian and european leader in the industrialization, manufacture and control of structural precision mechanical parts for aircrafts, helicopters, space and defence for both civil and military purposes. LMA manages individual pieces, even at a low production rate, and full-bodied bundles of work with a high production rate.



The mechanical parts produced by LMA are embarked on fixed or rotary wing aircraft, satellites and missiles intended for civil and defence markets developed by the most prestigious national and international customers.


The machining is the core-business of LMA. The production area has in fact 3 and 4 axis machining centers and high speed 5-axis CNC (link) of last generation, including multi-pallet and FMS systems. Each piece is tested through dedicated software CMM in accordance with customer requirements.


Components and structural mechanical parts made by LMA are assembled in several areas of the aircraft.
LMA is usually involved in programs since its inception and continues to support the customer with the production of prototypes, testing parts for aircraft qualification and pre-series and on end with the series production.



LMA is involved in several R&d projects related to the Aerospace sector, promoted by CEI Piedmont, the institutional body of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, with the support of the Polytechnic of Turin and some large companies in the Piedmontese area (North-West of Italy).


Customer Service

For nearly a half-century, LMA has acquired experience in the aerospace field (civil and defense), manufacturing and delivering (On Time On Quality – OTOQ) several parts and assemblies (both small and large-sized).


Numerical control 5-axis machines represent one of the key factors in LMA to constantly pursue this goal; in this way the company can afford to meet the new demands of competitiveness and market opportunities thanks to faster processing times and, consequently, to a possible reduction in production costs.


LMA designs and manages special processes related to the activity and mechanical assembly ; Approved by major companies in the sector who wish to group multiple services within the same production structure , optimize the time- to-market and create greater value added to the supply chain.


The creation of a synergy among Companies, able to generate a 360° net serving the aerospace market is the focal point for LMA internationalization strategy.
For this purpose LMA entered Altair Consortium.

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