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5 axis

LMA invests part of its resources to optimize and enhance the technologies related to the manufacturing phases, develop and increase specifically the workforce in order to enrich and refine their skills.

Numerical control 5-axis machines represent one of the key factors in LMA to constantly pursue this goal; in this way the company can afford to meet the new demands of competitiveness and market opportunities thanks to faster processing times and, consequently, to a possible reduction in production costs.

As a result of these efforts, LMA secures excellent results in terms of precision and efficiency achieving high quality products in less time; LMA has recently invested in a new high speed 5-axis machine (30,000 rpm) with a full automated FMS system; this technology allows to perform some unmanned operations, reducing the time waste for the load and unload of the machine.

Each of the 9 (nine) 5-axis machines in LMA is equipped with its specific tool warehouse and an automatic pallet handling system.

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