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The creation of a synergy among Companies, able to generate a 360° net serving the aerospace market is the focal point for LMA internationalization strategy.


For this purpose LMA entered Altair Consortium, including several selected Companies working in synergy to grant their international aerospace Customers some integrated tailor made solutions for complex systems engineering, development and manufacturing.


Altair Consortium main advantage gap can be identified in:

  • COMPETENCE – several decades of aerospace industrial experience.
  • FLEXIBILITY – full integration of Companies’ know-how supplies the most relevant and reliable solutions to Customers’ needs.
  • NETWORK MANAGEMENT – capability to manage Operation, Administration, Maintenance, Resources and Supply Chain Configuring to match program requirements.
  • RESPONSIVENESS – inclination to easy, fast and appropriate reaction to Customers’ inputs.

Ready to expand.

  • INNOVATION – process, product and management renewal and change.


The members competences can be summarized as follows:

  • Engineering, Technical & Certification services.
  • Engineering and manufacturing of machined parts, subassy and complex assemblies, including NDT, heat and surface treatments.
  • Engineering and manufacturing of electric and avionic wire harnesses.
  • Engineering and manufacturing of composites and innovative material development.
  • Product Testing, Qualification & Certification.
  • Training & Education.
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