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If LMA is today a world leader in the production of precision mechanics in the aerospace field this is due to major financial efforts to purchase the latest, modern and reliable production and control equipment available on the market and the high level of professional skill and know-how of each operator.

LMA, in fact, invests a huge quantity of time and resources in training its professionals in order to make the best use of these advanced systems to offer its customers effective solutions to support their programs.


LMA is not only a company producing special high precision mechanics for aerospace products, but offers to its customers a Global Service, based on a deep knowledge of the sector. In summary, LMA gives expert assistance in all departments, higher efficiency of the overall system and a complete structural management of the WPs developed.


All the resources of LMA share internally and with all external suppliers the same values, the same targets of performance and strive continuously to improve the skills of their Customer’s and supply chain interfaces.


LMA offers corporate stability due to the conduction of the Boscolo family, founder of the company in 1970 and arrived today to the second generation at the reins of the company.


LMA is able to provide its customers with high quality products, innovating, investing, giving support and a strong flexibility in managing fully and effectively all aerospace services in order to provide a competitive advantage and a winning approach.

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