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LMA strongly believes that investing in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the key to success, especially in the current resilient and competitive market. Our CRM looks to solve current customer problems and garner a competitive edge: a higher Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is achieved by optimizing the Company’s strategies and the quality of our products.

For nearly a half-century, LMA has acquired experience in the aerospace field (civil and defense), manufacturing and delivering (On Time On Quality – OTOQ) several parts and assemblies (both small and large-sized). It is hardly surprising then why LMA is a well-known Company both nationally and internationally.

In our Company men and women combine efforts to attain a common goal: to keep and enrich LMA high quality product portfolio. We believe that the fundamental vitality and strength of our company lies in our people.


We aim at achieving a better, closer and stronger relationship with our customers, based on mutual trust, to secure long-term business cooperation. Our customers appreciate our ability to offer the best combination of state-of-the-art technology and quality products, strong customer relations and deep industry knowledge and experience. We assist our customers at every phase of the manufacturing process, in order to meet their requirements flexibly and efficiently.




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