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LMA is a company founded in 1970 on the initiative of Mr. Giuseppe Boscolo and his wife Oriana Fazioni which, thanks to the experience gained in the field in the early years of their work; they decided to start a similar business that operates in the field of precision mechanics for aeronautical and helicopter fields for both civil and military and offering their technical, manufacturing and administrative expertise to space and defence.

Fulvio e Cristina BoscoloBy joining the company in 1998 both children Fulvio and Cristina are now pushing the company a step forward in the entrepreneurial level, offering LMA services around the globe on new markets.

Today the forty five-year commitment in this sector has established professional relationship with all the manufacturers operating in the country and in several countries abroad (Europe, Russia and USA), establishing important and constructive relationship with the biggest industrial groups in the aerospace world.


LMA s.r.l.

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