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Components and structural mechanical parts made by LMA are assembled in several areas of the aircraft such as:

  • WINGS – with the production of the essential components of the internal wing-box structure and mechanical systems such as slats/flaps.
  • PRIMARY AND SECONDARY FUSELAGE – with the production of essential parts of the skeleton of the aircraft (such as ribs, spars, bulkheads, sleeves, links, rings, torque arms, pylons, brackets…).
  • FLOOR AND WALLS OF THE AIRCRAFT – with the production of structural panels and anchor rails.
  • TANKS – with the production of both structural panels and mechanical parts for anchoring the tanks to the floor and fuselage of the aircraft, and other internal parts.
  • ROTORS – with the production of parts related to primary and secondary rotor (antitorque, rotor housing…).
  • NACELLES – with the production of external and internal parts, even hot engine components (firewalls, slides, panels, cross-beams…). LMA is usually involved in programs since its inception and continues to support the customer with the production of prototypes, testing parts for aircraft qualification and pre-series and on end with the series production. 
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