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LMA is involved in several R&d projects related to the Aerospace sector, promoted by CEI Piedmont, the institutional body of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, with the support of the Polytechnic of Turin and some large companies in the Piedmontese area (North-West of Italy).


The Technical Tables developed in Turin Piedmont Aerospace will propose to increase the values of internationalization of Small and Medium Industries in Piedmont through an improvement in their business.

The goal set is obtained thanks to innovation and technological growth on the most interesting topics and addressed to potential international business. With this initiative, TPA helps SMEs to generate critical mass synergies necessary to face new and more ambitious challenges.

In this initiative LMA has responded with motivation and enthusiasm, creating the basis for a revised approach to business, which is a prerequisite for a desirability to international markets.

LMA has joined 2 technical tables: STRUCTURES and INTERIOR AIRCRAFTS within which SMEs are aggregated with the objective of developing an innovative seat  from the point of view of design, structural and infotainment.

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